Dr. Horbal helps children and adults with asthma and allergy issues as early as infants through your child’s high school years, and into adulthood. Many times, people can acquire food, airborne, or seasonal allergies over time. The first step to relief is allergy testing.

Once allergies are detected, Dr. Horbal works with his patients to develop a plan for medication, lifestyle changes, and allergy therapy. Take your first step to relief today and call for an appointment.

Latest News & Helpful Information

Allergy-Proof your Life
The first step in allergy smart living is to decrease your exposure to the allergens that set off your symptoms.

Although you can’t completely eliminate allergy triggers, you can minimize their effect on your health and well-being. ..
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Allergy Triggers
If you have allergic rhinitis, your triggers may lie indoors or outside, or both. Pollens from grasses, trees or weeds cause outdoor allergies. These are usually referred to as seasonal allergic rhinitis or hay fever...
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Pollen Forecast

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